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Rick’s Steaks: King of the..Food Court?!

October 23, 2009

King of Steaks?? That’s what Rick is trying to claim, but on the looks of location, I think not.  I guess being born and raised into the ‘steak making business would give you the honor of claiming the title “King of Steaks.”  After assuming the role of his late Grandfather, Pat Oliveri, Rick continued the awesome legacy and opened up a second cheesesteak grille.  From 1982 to 2008, Rick’s Original Philly Steaks resided at the oh so popular Reading Terminal Market.  After their lease had expired, Rick made the big move to the West side of Broad Street.  This past June, Rick’s Steaks made it’s debut at 200 South Broad Street, downstairs of the Bellevue on Broad and Walnut.

Well, once I discovered this tid-bit of information, I checked out Rick’s newly vamped website.  I’ll let you judge for yourself based on the pictures provided:

Rick's Steaks' Website

Rick's Steaks' Website

Rick's Steaks' Website

Looks like an AWESOME cheesesteak place right?!  It incorporates everything a “King of Steaks” kind of place should have… flashing lights, cool photos, appealing colors, a great layout.

And now I will show you what we found once we pranced down the steps to the bottom level of the Bellevue…

Rick's Steaks

Rick's Steaks

Rick's Steaks

Rick's Steaks

OK, I thought we were on the same page.  Keywords: Food Court. Dinginess. Dull. Uneventful. BORING.

I was so disappointed to have witnessed where the “King of Steaks” resides… in the corner of a downstairs food court.  Not up-to-par with the infamous Pat’s, Gino’s, or Tony Lukes, etc.  Like the cheesesteak I wrestled with, it was lacking flair, energy, tradition and atmosphere.  SUCH A LET DOWN, RICK! I know you have it in ‘ya… but seriously, what were you thinking?!?  A place ABOVE the street might have been a little bit more appealing and authentic… wouldn’t you’d rather wait outside in the cold for a steaming hot, melting cheese covered delish’ cheesesteak, than eat one in a lonely, drab food court nestled in the bottom of a building?!


Green Bay has Cheese, but Philly has Meat, Bread and Cheese.

October 13, 2009

Packers fans for years have been wearing cheese wedge hats, but leave it to Philadelphia to up the ante by creating a hat that’s over two feet long and stuffed with cloth meat, cheese and onions (we guess the hat is a whiz wit). Besides your McNabb jersey (or Vick, we won’t judge you), this is the fashion accessory to have when you’re cheering on The Birds this season, or even the Phils when they dominate the Dodgers. You can get your beefy cheesy headgear at

The BEST Buffalo Chicken Cheesesteak Anywhere

October 8, 2009

Ed’s in University City ( is one of many pizza places in West Philly competing for the business of several thousand college students with the munchies. What sets them apart is their menu diversity, consistency, and especially their rendition of the Buffalo Chicken Cheesesteak.

Ed's Cheesesteak

The wing sauce is perfectly spicy, and the bleu cheese is not off white colored salad dressing, it’s real. The preparation of the chicken is key. Many chicken cheesesteaks in Philly contain large chunks of chicken breast. The self proclaimed originator of the chicken cheesesteak,
Ishkabibbles on South Street, is a prime example. At Ed’s what you get is a finely chopped chicken breast that mixes in perfectly with the the hot sauce and bleu cheese.

The roll is your basic Amoroso, but toasted to ensure no soggy bread by the time you’re finished. The staff will gladly put any steak on a pita and the menu has a whole separate section devoted to middle eastern cuisine including tabouli, kabobs, baba ghaouj, falafel, and house made hummus.

If you’re in University City, and want some cheesesteak variation that is executed with perfection, Ed’s will definitely impress the connoisseur and tourist alike.

Ed’s Buffalo Wings and Pizza – 3513 Lancaster Avenue

Vegetarians: Go Eat Grass

October 6, 2009

Vegetarians can kiss my ass.

They think they are all better than us, not eating meat and whatnot. They think they live a better life without chowing down on a cow every now and then. Well they’re wrong. They wouldn’t know a great sandwich if it hit them in the face.

That’s what I’d like to do, smack one of those peace-loving, animal-protecting snobs right across their face with a big greasy cheesesteak.

They say that the animal didn’t deserve to suffer that way just for our own satisfied bellies. But you know what? If I were a cow, I would be proud to know that my body was going to be used to spread love and joy in the stomachs of all those who eat me. I would prance right into that factory to get my head cut off knowing that I was going to receive the best honor of all- become a Philly Cheesesteak.

So screw you grass eaters, I’m going to enjoy my cheesesteak today.