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steak and cheese with my shoes please!!

November 6, 2009


bread shoes

bread-shoes-1bread shoes



















Just give me some finely chopped steak wit and some wiz and I’m good to go!

Via Design Milk


satisfying my cheesesteak sushi needs

November 6, 2009

Morimoto Cheesesteak

Cheers to the chef at Morimoto for adding a sushi inspired twist to the city’s traditional Philly Cheesesteak in celebration of the World Series, last week.  Americana-Japanese fushion at it’s best!

Morimoto style via Meal Ticket

Yankees Fans, Cheesesteak Lovers?

November 3, 2009

The symbolic food of Philadelphia goes well with watching a game of baseball, or any other sport for that matter. The trend of newer ballparks offering all sorts of gourmet food options is nothing new. But now, cheesesteaks have even spread to Yankee Stadium. Carl’s Steaks, owned by Yankees Fan Carl Provenzano, has two Manhattan locations and has been selling steaks at Yankee Stadiums for the past four seasons. Carl’s opened it’s first location in 2003, and is credited to be the first establishment dedicated to cheesesteaks in NYC. Conflict of interest anyone? How can these Yankees fans line up in droves while their team is playing the Phillies, to enjoy a sandwich that symbolizes all that is Philly and the passions of its teams and fans? They might as well just put on Phillies hats. Might I suggest you stick to what you’re good at and continue to eat pizza and hot dogs. Also, according to Provenzano, his sandwiches are sometimes even served to the team as a pregame meal. Well one can only hope the Yankees players will choke on their Delicious PHILLY cheesesteaks and choke in game 6, tomorrow night at 8.



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