Emeril Lagasse is a SISSY

Can't handle the HEAT!

Can't handle the HEAT!

Emeril Lagasse, a new resident to the Pennsylvania area has a lot to learn.  In a recent article by Philly.com, Emeril Lagasse revealed that the reason why he could never “BAM!” the citizen’s of the Northeast region was because “of its hyper-intense culinary competition and the general hustle-bustle of its largest cities,” Philadelphia included.  The TV-borne star has decided to take a much more casual career choice by adding a new burger joint to the Sands’ Casino in Bethlehem, Pa., called Burgers & More.  How clever.  Our newest neighbor has told Philly.com that he “professed a deep and abiding love for the city and its cuisine, however, he said he doesn’t foresee opening an eatery in Philly any time soon.”  He furthermore mentioned that he loved the street food that Philadelphia has to offer, and not just the cheesesteaks.


Is that where he gets his cheesesteaks from, street vendors?  Has Em’ even ever heard of the names Pat, Geno, Jim or Luke?!?!  He is no competition to our boys, don’t worry fellas…  Emeril wouldn’t know an authentic, delicious delicacy such as the Philadelphia Cheesesteak if it hit him on his tiny little head.  It’s clear to me that he simply can’t handle the heat!   And I’m not talking about those smoldering days in the summer time walking over the subway vents heat, I’m talking about grillin’ cheesesteak after cheesesteak to pure Philadelphian perfection heat!

Click to see referenced article.


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