Vegetarians: Go Eat Grass

Vegetarians can kiss my ass.

They think they are all better than us, not eating meat and whatnot. They think they live a better life without chowing down on a cow every now and then. Well they’re wrong. They wouldn’t know a great sandwich if it hit them in the face.

That’s what I’d like to do, smack one of those peace-loving, animal-protecting snobs right across their face with a big greasy cheesesteak.

They say that the animal didn’t deserve to suffer that way just for our own satisfied bellies. But you know what? If I were a cow, I would be proud to know that my body was going to be used to spread love and joy in the stomachs of all those who eat me. I would prance right into that factory to get my head cut off knowing that I was going to receive the best honor of all- become a Philly Cheesesteak.

So screw you grass eaters, I’m going to enjoy my cheesesteak today.


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One Response to “Vegetarians: Go Eat Grass”

  1. Chester Lavapillow Says:

    awww buunn buunn cute cute cute

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